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At Clean House Solutions, we insist on quality cleaning and stand out of the rest. Without compromising your health or the environment we use the best professional detergents and equipment for guaranteed cleaning of all types of dirt – from dried carpets and furniture stains, burnt food, baked-on grease and tough stains in ovens, to such an annoying and unpleasant lime scale deposits in the bathroom. To achieve the deepest clean possible we use professional cleaning equipment and well-trained professionals.

Highest level of cleaning services

Nowadays, minimising the risk of spreading viruses, bacteria and allergens is a major priority. We are deeply committed to the environment and we use eco products without compromising the end effect. Thus, you should not worry about inhaling toxic chemicals. Our cleaning products are safe for your loved ones- children and pets. We also take care of allergy sufferers and avoid using harsh chemicals or strong scents that can trigger an allergic reaction.

Our Cleaning Company truly offers a 7 days a week availability, including on bank holidays. Whatever part of London you are located, our teams will respond quickly and will come at the agreed time. Honesty in relations is our core value and we guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised by our attitude.

We offer you Steam Cleaning Services of the highest quality . And on top of this, we will offer the best price for you.

We offer our professional cleaning services to all domestic or commercial clients, landlords, offices, tenants, estate agents, homeowners, etc.

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